about me

My name is Spyridon Boviatsos. I was born and raised in Greece. As far as I can remember myself, I have always loved drawing, sculpting and creating art in any form and have always been fascinated by technology. As soon as I finished school I wanted to get into 3D Animation and art for Video Games. That seemed almost impossible, since there and then, there was no college or institute to provide that kind of education. So I decided to get into computer science, doing my first degree in informatics and software engineering hoping that i could find a way to combine it with something more artistic and creative. At the same time, I was following any courses or tutorials I could find online related to 3D and modeling. I started working as IT and then digital media developer, but always wanted more so I moved to the United Kingdom and did a masters in science in computer animation and visualisation.

At that point I started signing short-term contracts as a freelancer for indie video games. I then got involved in bigger projects for 3D animations, short films, video games as well as product design for 3d printing. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA and work as a 3D artist.
- Organic/Hard surface Sculpting.
- Topology, UV Mapping, baking and editing.
- PBR shaders, texturing.
- Rendering, Compositing.
- Problem solving skills.
- Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, Quixel Suite, 3d Coat, Substance,  Marvelous Designer, XNormal, Marmoset, Keyshot, After Effects